The false hyper-grace gospel.

There’s a false gospel that abounds today which teaches that you can live in unrepentant sin right up until death and still go to heaven. This doctrine of demons is leading many to hell and rest assured, those who teach this will suffer an even harsher judgment for leading the children of God astray. Jesus… Continue reading The false hyper-grace gospel.

Rise up and walk!

I’m reading the book of Acts at the moment and one part that stuck out to me was the part when Peter healed the man who was sat lame outside of the gates of the temple that is called Beautiful. This man was expecting money but he got something else from God. He got what… Continue reading Rise up and walk!

The law of sacrifice.

Salvation is a free gift, but but if we want to go far with GOD there is a price tag. We who are redeemed by Christ’s blood are all children of GOD, but not everybody can say they are a ‘friend of GOD’ like Abraham, or a “man after GOD’s own heart” like David. If… Continue reading The law of sacrifice.