GOD can heal your broken heart.

Broken arms and stab wounds are dealt with as a matter of urgency by doctors these days but what about psychological and emotional wounds? These wounds of the heart can leave people with excruciating pain years after the event that caused them took place, and often never end up being healed completely.

There are souls who have been sexually abused as children and find it difficult to come to terms with what has happened to them. They feel deep shame and in a large number of cases actually blame themselves for what has happened. Others have been rejected by those who meant most to them and cannot seem get over the pain. Sometimes these wounds are so deep that only Jesus can fix them. The Bible says in Psalms 147:3 that ‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’ Praise be to GOD. The blood of Jesus is a most precious ointment that not only has the power to grant a soul salvation but also can assuage the pain of a broken heart and make the believer whole again.

Physical wounds will usually heal in the event where they are not life threatening and the wound will begin to form scars which are no longer painful to the touch. Eventually there will be no pain at all when touching the location of the wound. The only factor necessary for the healing of such physical wounds is time and often they can be entirely forgotten about after a while; a scar being the evidence remaining that a wound ever existed. Well, the wounds of the heart are not so. They can be so excruciatingly painful and hard to heal that years, no, decades later they are still too raw and sensitive to touch. A soul unfortunate enough to have received a wound of the heart such as this may try their best to avoid looking where the pain is, or they may use drugs, alcohol or other coping mechanisms to distract from the pain. Some turn to sex as a way to distract themselves, while others escape through working obsessively to try and cover up the anxiety and torment from their broken heart. Time will not heal such a wound – only Christ will. He heals the broken hearted and he binds up their wounds.

The presence of GOD is so powerful that it can help you to work through these painful memories in an environment where you are cushioned and protected from the weight of the emotions associated with them. GOD provides us a place where we can hide in Him, where we are safe. The Psalmist in Psalms 32:7 writes to the LORD, ‘Thou art my hiding place’. GOD is a hiding place for us. We can hide ourselves in the Secret Place of His presence and be in a protective environment which allows us to face up to the blows of traumatic memories.

This is not to say we should put our heads in the sand. If there are traumatic memories of, for example, sexual abuse then GOD can help us work through them by exposure and facing them. By hiding in His presence we are able to feel safe and comforted while come to terms with what has caused our broken-hearts. Psychotherapists know of the importance of their patients feeling comfortable and safe so they will often have a comfy chair in their office, but we are talking about GOD here; the effects of His comfort are far beyond what the cosiest chaise lounge can provide. He is able to surround us in His loving embrace and cover us with His feathers, fostering an assurance in our hearts that no harm will befall us and that we are perfectly safe. He can fill us with courage and strength to strive forward and uncover what is hidden under stones in the darkest recesses of our memory and our imaginations. The Bible tells us that light drives out darkness and sometimes there is so much hidden material in the darkness, which we are too scared to bring into the light of our own conscious minds, that only the light of Christ is capable of driving away the shadow and revealing what was concealed therein.

If you are suffering from such wounds of the heart, beloved, be encouraged that Jesus heals the broken-hearted and He binds up their wounds. O sweet brother and sister there is no wound too deep that the Saviour cannot heal it. You will find after spending time in His presence and allowing any memories that come up to wash over you that they will become less and less painful until eventually you can look upon those memories without flinching or recoiling. Perhaps the pain of these memories was so agonising before that you looked away every time your mind was drawn in that direction; afraid to close your eyes in case the images that you dread would appear and torment you further. This is a natural response, but fear not – Jesus heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. There is no wound too deep; no trauma too profound that Jesus cannot completely and irrevocably heal you from it. O precious child of GOD you are too much of a treasure to GOD for Him not to heal you totally from what has oppressed you and kept you bound.

Just know beloved that your pain does not disqualify you from Jesus’ love. You may have been rejected by that boyfriend, or abandoned by your closest family members but Jesus will never abandon you. There is nothing that Jesus Christ cannot do and He is able to heal your broken-heart also. Psalm 34:18 says: ‘The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.’ – The very reason for your pain – that broken heart is the very same reason that GOD will deliver you and save you. Where we are weak then Jesus is strong so be of good courage and lay it all at the foot of the cross. Cast your cares and your burdens upon Him and He will sustain you. Spend time soaking in His presence and He will reveal to you those areas of your heart which are in need of healing. Put some calming music on and invite the Holy Spirit into the atmosphere. Take a brave step and ask Him to reveal what is holding you back and He will illuminate the dark corners of your psyche where the monsters are hiding. These monsters are not as scary as they seem when you get them out into the open and shine the infinite light of Jesus upon them. In fact they begin to seem not scary at all when compared to our great and mighty GOD who will be present with you.

O precious child – Our GOD has promised to heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds and He will do this for you too. Trust Him that He can do it. Just like when a mother takes out the splinter from a child’s hand it only hurts for a moment. Once the root cause of your pain has been addressed and plucked out then the pain will immediately begin to lessen. Jesus will cleanse and sanitise the wound with his blood so that it is no longer infected and He will squeeze all the pus out and then He will bind up your wound and it will begin to heal over eventually to the point where just like you would be able to with a cut that has scarred-over you can now touch the area and no longer feel any pain. This is one of the many gifts that Jesus has given us. Take advantage of it today and invite GOD into your life to begin to heal your heart.

If you are still struggling when reading this just know that GOD is just waiting for your permission to come in and deliver you and heal you. When you ask Jesus to begin to heal your heart, memories will resurface along with the painful emotions that were felt at the time. New memories may even rise up into your conscious mind of events that you were not aware had taken place. This is Jesus addressing the deep-seated wounds of the heart that are the cause of much anxiety and even physical ailments if left unhealed. Often-times sufferers of abuse or traumatic events repress the memories to preserve their fragile psyche; the subconscious mind choosing to disassociate from the events that happened to prevent a complete break-down of the person. Jesus can break through even such mighty obstacles as this. Usually it is the most excruciating of all the wounds of the heart that are hidden behind memory blocks like this, but such impediments are nothing to Jesus who can reveal even those things that you were not even present to witness if they are pertinent to your healing. As the Bible says, if we call out to Him, he will show us great and mighty things that we know not. (Jeremiah 33:3) Perhaps, He will show you what was going on around you when you were in your mother’s womb. A baby can actually pick up whether they are loved or rejected even whilst they are in the mother’s womb and if they can hear their parents talking about how they were a mistake then this can lead to the child being born with a wound of rejection. Even still: Jesus heals the broken-hearted and He binds up their wounds.

It doesn’t matter what type of affliction it is – Jesus has got the remedy for it – and as you show your wounds to him in a vulnerable and transparent state His Holy Spirit will begin to heal them for you. It can be helpful to speak out what has happened to you once you have been brave enough to acknowledge it in your head and have gazed upon any images and felt any emotions that came up. Once you have done this you should already feel better. Then, with the knowledge that Jesus heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds and the assurance that as the Bible tells us, Jesus, ‘Bore all our sorrows and He carried our griefs’ – declare that you are applying the blood of Jesus over this situation. Have an image of the memory in your mind, the image that you most associate with your broken-heart, and speak the blood of Jesus into that image. You may only have to do this once or you may have to do it several times but through this process Jesus will heal you of your broken-heart and you will begin to feel peace in your life surrounding those painful and traumatic memories; whether they are from betrayal, bullying, abandonment, rejection, sexual or physical abuse or combat trauma it doesn’t matter because Jesus gave us one perfect sacrifice on the cross by which He has dealt with all these issues. He suffered in all the ways that He did so that we could be set free from our own suffering. The chastisement for our peace was upon Him and by His wounds we are healed.

By Joshua Khan

Blogging about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

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