God reveals things when we fast and pray.

Some things only become clear after you fast and pray. Fasting is a vehicle through which God reveals knowledge to us, often about our own condition, other times He may be telling us to turn around as we are heading the wrong way. If you want to learn a hard truth about yourself, fast and get your notebook out. It might be on the first day, it might be on the third, but God will speak and it will be something you need to hear.

Sometimes we have a blind spot, and we hold all these fake beliefs about ourself. Fasting cuts through the mustard and gets down to the truth. The Word of the Lord is quick and powerful, piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit (Heb 4:12). This is what God does when we fast, He starts to divide asunder those parts of us that need healing, the ones we have hidden from ourselves. When we fast it’s a deeply healing experience as we let the light of Christ shine into the darkened corners of our lives. We may be living in a way that does not honour the Lord, or perhaps there’s a truth we need to accept to move forward.

God may begin to speak to you about memories where you need to repent, or perhaps to forgive another soul. Bitterness and unforgiveness greatly hamper our spiritual growth, and sometimes we have to abstain from food, to let our spirit rise enough to receive these revelations from God about our condition. The Light of Christ reveals the problem, and then when we hand it over to Christ, His blood is the purifying agent and the catalyst for change. Remember this is not an appointment with our psychologist, his/her talking therapy has no power to trigger change, but the Living God has. In His cross there is supernatural power to help you change. This is how addicts quit lifelong addictions. They had an encounter with God. That’s what we all need: an encounter with

God, and fasting is one way to trigger this. Isaiah Chapter 58 is the best chapter in the Bible to study how we should fast as Christians and one of the blessings God says will come to you.

If you do this is that He will ‘guide you continually’ (Isaiah 58:11). God reveals things when we fast. God revealed His law to Moses atop Mt. Sinai while he was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights.. Now many thousands of years later many of us are seeking the Lord and getting pen and paper out to write down what He reveals. Sometimes like Moses what He tells us is pertinent to everyone not ourself, we may have a message to deliver to the world, but whether her we are called to the nations or not, we all need to fast to clear up our minds. We become so fogged up when we eat everyday. It’s essential to take a break to recharge and plug into God because there are some things that only become clear when we fast and pray.

By Joshua Khan

Blogging about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

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