Find your spiritual tribe by walking in your authentic calling.

Four hands of businessmen collect gear from the gears of the details of puzzles. against the background of sunlight. The concept of a business idea. Teamwork. strategy. cooperation

When you begin to walk in your authentic calling, others with similar purpose and anointing will begin to be attracted to you like iron filings being accreted to a magnet. Your Spirit testifies to the same Spirit in them; you can’t explain why you love them! God is going to have you birth something wonderful together (no not a baby, well it might be that for some of you)😅 #kingdomspouse.

But this isn’t only about that. God is calling some of you to come together because you have the same PURPOSE, and two is better than one, and a threefold cord is not easily broken. All over the world God has made people with similar purposes cause he knows you’ll need help. You will build together what a single person can’t achieve on their own. Maybe you’re good at writing, and they’re good at organising. Well together you’re a team. God will supplement your weakness with their strength and vice versa. But you have one purpose. Both of you want to serve the homeless, or both of you have a strong desire to build a school. This desire isn’t in your heart by chance. God put it there, before the foundation of the world. Life’s happiness is based on finding this purpose and walking in it.

Some of you are doing this already, you’re walking in your authentic calling. Others have just discovered theirs and are just starting out, while others are yet to discover theirs! But you will. Jesus won’t let you rest until you do what you were born to do. And guess what? He’s going to send people to help you. 😌 In Jesus’ name amen. 👆🏽

By Joshua Khan

Blogging about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

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