God reveals things when we fast and pray.

Some things only become clear after you fast and pray. Fasting is a vehicle through which God reveals knowledge to us, often about our own condition, other times He may be telling us to turn around as we are heading the wrong way. If you want to learn a hard truth about yourself, fast and… Continue reading God reveals things when we fast and pray.

Rise up and walk!

I’m reading the book of Acts at the moment and one part that stuck out to me was the part when Peter healed the man who was sat lame outside of the gates of the temple that is called Beautiful. This man was expecting money but he got something else from God. He got what… Continue reading Rise up and walk!

GOD can heal your broken heart.

Broken arms and stab wounds are dealt with as a matter of urgency by doctors these days but what about psychological and emotional wounds? These wounds of the heart can leave people with excruciating pain years after the event that caused them took place, and often never end up being healed completely. There are souls… Continue reading GOD can heal your broken heart.